I Walk Between Two Worlds

I walk between two worlds: reality and what could have/should have been/wish it was. I walk between two worlds that constantly pull me apart. Only creativity is able to bridge these two worlds, if only to ease the heartache and allow be to be mindful. I walk between two worlds that brings me both happiness... Continue Reading →


I Survived

I should have died last year. I spoke this statement today in a conversation with a friend I met in the Dominican Republic. That statement has echoed through my mind all evening. I do not think I will ever forget the events that transpired from November 2016 until about the end of May 2017. Usually,... Continue Reading →

The Power of Friendship

It is hard to believe a month ago I was in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. If I close my eyes I can still hear the sounds of the forest around me, feel the warm air against my cheeks, and picture with my mind's eye the beautiful scenery around me. Sadly, walking outside into the cold, snowy,... Continue Reading →

The Magic in Life Lessons

Winter has hit my area with a vengeance. It snowed all day Sunday, and today I woke up to ice everywhere. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate winter because of the ice and snow. I try to remind myself why I moved to the mountains in Western Maryland. The snow likes it here... Continue Reading →

Dominican Republic Trip: Day 3

Hello! This morning we woke up prepared to catch a shuttle to the airport for Florida. All of us are ready to get moving. We had a quick breakfast before heading back to our rooms to finish packing. By 11am, we were squeezing 13 people into a 10 person shuttle. Two shuttles later we finally... Continue Reading →

Dominican Republic Trip: Day 2

Hello again! I am still in Virginia...still in the same hotel that we stayed in last night. Instead of finding a hotel closer to Reagan Airport, we ended up moving to the presidential suite on the highest floor. It's another day of being cooped up in a hotel room. I finally got a full night's sleep last... Continue Reading →

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