Dominican Republic Trip: Day 1

Hello everyone! For the next week my blog is deviating from mental health issues so I can share my adventure in the Dominican Republic with you! I would love to say we are two hours out from arriving on the small, tropical island, but sadly I'm still sitting in Virginia. Let me explain the last... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on True Belonging

How many people reading this feel like they truly belong somewhere? You know, without having to change who you are. How many can say they belong? Since reading Brené Brown's Braving the Wilderness, I've been wondering where I belong. I know it's not something I can solve in a matter of days or even weeks. It takes... Continue Reading →

A New Year Means New Beginnings

It's 2018! I remember 2017 like it was yesterday..... I stole that one from my brother. It's corny, I know. A new year always offers new possibilities. It's a kind of "wiping the slate clean" kind of thing. Despite years being how we keep up with time, it's more of a concept of the mind.... Continue Reading →

Brené Brown and Belonging

It's been quite a while since I've written. Things have been quite tough for me at home while simultaneously preparing for my big Dominican Republic volunteer trip in 12 me, the terror is beginning to set in. I hope everyone made it through the Christmas holidays safe. The holidays are difficult for a lot... Continue Reading →

Video Blog Post #1 – Mindfulness

Being an introvert and someone who gets nervous public speaking, I decided to stray from my comfort zone a little by making a video blog post! It's only a little over 3 minutes long, and you can see how nervous and uncomfortable I am. However, I am determined to keep doing these and see how... Continue Reading →

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