Don’t Be Sorry

I recently found myself apologizing to everyone around me for my mental health problems. I found myself apologizing to friends because my moods are a roller-coaster ride. I apologize to everyone around me who is effected by what I feel or how to react to those feelings. Something I have come to realize is you should... Continue Reading →

If You Are Entitled, You Aren’t ‘Being’ Entitled

An insightful article. I highly recommend reading this article. I cannot agree more with what she says.


Despite my being an English tutor and my love for writing, I don’t care when someone misuses a word. I poke fun at my boyfriend when he says “unthaw,” and I encourage precision in language when helping someone write an essay — and that’s about it.

So when I say that I’m frustrated by the misuse of the word “entitled,” please know this isn’t me getting up a soap box to rant about something trivial.

We use the word “entitled” to describe an attitude, often in a scathing, derogatory way. Bratty kids are “entitled” and don’t like to share; millennials are “entitled” and feel like they deserve what they haven’t earned; poor people are “entitled” and think that they can live off the government. Using entitled in this way — as an adjective — has become so popular that it’s the first definition that pops up when you Google entitled definition.

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Our Own Worst Enemy: Ourselves

I said this earlier today, and I couldn't be more certain of it.... we are able to persuade ourselves of anything, even if it is not true. We are our worst enemy. We talk to ourselves in ways we would not talk to other people. We tell ourselves lies. We make doubt who we are... Continue Reading →

Self-Advocacy Amidst Campus Assault

I want to share a story with you that both frustrated me and made me want to see change happen. I spoke in an earlier blog post about self-advocacy. It's important, and people should do it more often. However, there are times where you don't think you should have to advocate for yourself because the... Continue Reading →

Just a Quick Ramble

My initial reason in creating this blog was to help people understand the kind of mental health issues I struggle with, and also inform them of other types of mental health struggles. I wanted to help people understand they are not alone. There are people out there that understand how you feel. And I have... Continue Reading →

The Important of Self-Advocacy

It's taken a long time for me to accept my mental health condition. I knew something was off, but I never understood it. And I sure never accepted it. Now, I'm absolutely aware of what my mind does, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I go to therapy, I have support, and... Continue Reading →

My Continual Fight Against Depression

If you've read my earlier blog posts, then you know I suffer from bipolar depression. It's a continual struggle to not let the ups, and especially the downs, control my life. It pushes people away from me, and there's no way to control how I feel. I become absolutely frustrated with myself because I can't... Continue Reading →

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