Hello! I’m a post-graduate with a background in literature and history. I’m still learning what I like, and where I want my future career to go. I am also a mental health advocate. I suffer from mental health issues, but I’ve learned that many people won’t speak up unless someone does so first. I enjoy helping people deal with their issues, but I also like sharing my own, unique story. I’m an avid artist. I’m a Star Wars/Harry Potter/Once Upon a Time geek. I originally wanted this blog to be about only mental health, but I’ve learned I like to blog about everything with the exception of politics. Please enjoy my posts, and please feel free to comment or message me. I’m here if you need to chat. I’m here if you want to share. And please feel free to add anything that you think is interesting to my posts. But please be respectful.

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Conscious state of mind

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Because cats, strawberry cats!


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Replacing your neurotic misery with ordinary human unhappiness.

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