If You Are Entitled, You Aren’t ‘Being’ Entitled

An insightful article. I highly recommend reading this article. I cannot agree more with what she says.


Despite my being an English tutor and my love for writing, I don’t care when someone misuses a word. I poke fun at my boyfriend when he says “unthaw,” and I encourage precision in language when helping someone write an essay — and that’s about it.

So when I say that I’m frustrated by the misuse of the word “entitled,” please know this isn’t me getting up a soap box to rant about something trivial.

We use the word “entitled” to describe an attitude, often in a scathing, derogatory way. Bratty kids are “entitled” and don’t like to share; millennials are “entitled” and feel like they deserve what they haven’t earned; poor people are “entitled” and think that they can live off the government. Using entitled in this way — as an adjective — has become so popular that it’s the first definition that pops up when you Google entitled definition.

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