Book Review: If You Ask Me by Betty White

Like the Golden Girls? The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Hot in Cleveland? Then you must know Betty White!

Other than being an actress and animal activist, she’s also the author of many books. Sadly, I’ve only been able to read 1 so far (and I hope to read more soon!)

To procrastinate on what I really needed to do this morning, I began reading her book that was published in 2011. It’s a quick read, and it includes a lot of pictures from her life.

There are numerous little anecdotes she shares with her readers. My favorite is when she tells the story about when she meets Koko the gorilla, who was taught how to communicate through sign language. Koko took instantly to her, and Betty sat inside Koko’s house. Koko’s trainer warned Betty that Koko was gentle, but she was currently interested in boobs. Koko attempted to under Betty’s blouse before her trainer told Koko to stop. This is simply hilarious, but it would be funnier if you heard it in Betty’s own words. She even included a picture of her and Koko! I wish I had been able to find the picture she printed in her book, but here is another one of the two of them together. Betty has visited her 3 when her book was published.

Betty White & Koko ( 

Her book also gives insights into Betty’s life. For example, acting was not Betty’s ideal career as a child. She wanted to be a forest ranger, but was unable to go down that track because women were not allowed to. Instead, she was made an honorary forest ranger.

Another insight is how she writes her books. Did you know she writes and edits them in longhand on paper? A lot of people today rely on technology to write their books, papers, etc. The reliance on technology is so bad many kids can’t even write/read cursive. Everything is done with computers. Betty said it’s difficult to write her thoughts out on a computer, and she doesn’t even own one. I’d have to agree with her. I love writing by hand. It helps me to remember things. As a matter of fact, this was written by hand.

Her book is an easy and fast read. She drops lessons and advice throughout that people should pay attention to. Not to mention the pictures included in the book are fascinating to look at!

Betty is an extremely funny person. I’ve enjoyed watching her on tv, especially The Golden Girls. Now it’s time to read her other books! FYI – chick out Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s books!


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