What Happened on March 28th?

We are nearing the end of March! The good news is Spring is here, and I hope she pushes Old Man Winter back. We have had enough of the snow….

So let’s take a look at what happened today in history shall we?

In 1774, Great Britain passes the Coercive Acts against Massachusetts. They were in response to the Boston Tea Party. Remember that eventful night the Bostonians had? They dressed up as Native Americans and dumped tea in the harbor. Well, Great Britain didn’t appreciate the loss in tea, or the rebellious nature of the Boston residents. Naturally, they enact laws against Massachusetts to stop this from happening again. The port was closed until they were paid for the damages caused, they restricted the government, British officials were now immune to being charged criminal prosecution, Boston residents had to allow British troops to stay in their homes (talk about a loss in privacy, and feeding those men!), and Canadians could now worship Catholicism if they chose. Not long after this, the American Revolution would take place and kick the mean parent out of America. (www.history.com)

In 1854, France and Great Britain declared war on Russia. This will result in what is known as the Crimean War. Who knew France and Great Britain would set aside differences to go against a common enemy?

In 1885, the Salvation Army is created.

In 1908, those pesky car laws like registration and vehicle licensing was lobbied to Congress.

In 1917, not long after the end of WWI, the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps was founded in Great Britain. Women were paid, but based on what work they did, and there were no ranks.

In 1930, Constantinople’s name is changed to Istanbul. As a side note, the city’s name has been changed many times. It began as Byzantium under the Byzantium Empire, then to Constantinople under Christian Rome, and then Istanbul over Muslim rule.

In 1933, before the break out of WWII, Jews were banned from businesses, professions, and schools.

In 1939, Francisco Franco wins the Spanish Civil War when Madrid falls. He would become a socialist dictator for Spain, and he would unofficially team up with Mussolini and Hitler during WWII.

In 1941, writer Virginia Woolf would commit suicide by throwing herself into the river near her home.

In 1946, Juan Peron becomes President of Argentina. Him and his wife, Eva, would be known as icons by Peronists. I highly recommend reading more into his regime, and especially of Eva’s influence.

In 1969, President Eisenhower dies.

In 1979, the nuclear accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island occurs.

On a lighter note, let’s take a look at birthdays.

Lady Gaga (singer), Reba McEntire (singer), Rodney Atkins (singer), Salt (singer from Salt ‘n Pepa), Amelia Rosselli (poet), Freddie Bartholomew (actor), Jay Livingston (composer), Raphael Sanzio (painter), Theresa of Avila (mystic/saint), and Thomas Clarkson (abolitionist).





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