What Happened on March 26th?

So, here we are on my second day of looking at events that occurred on each day. Let’s explore, shall we?

In 1799, the French conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte captured Palestine. Before he became king of France, he led a raid into the Holy Land where he was defeated, with a quarter of his force was overcome with casualties. ****Side note, John Keats was writing during this time, and did not think highly of Bonaparte. In fact, he wrote that the French conqueror only taught countries how to establish armies**** (www.historynet.com)

In 1804, the United States does a good and bad thing…they organize New Orleans in the Louisiana Purchase (yay for Mardi Gra), but the U.S. also orders Native Americans living in the territories of the Louisiana Purchase (land to the west of the Mississippi River) to be removed. This decision will lead to the massacre of many Native Americans, and the destruction of their culture. What was that about America being the great melting pot again?

In 1827, the revered German composer, Ludwig Van Beethoven, dies. The composer was known for still creating music even after being deaf. Neat huh?

The years 1939 and 1942 stand as two important years for Jewish history. In 1939, Hermann Goering orders Jews living in Austria to leave the country. Goering was Hitler’s second-in-command, and he was president of the Reichstag (parliament). Then, in 1942 the Germans began sending Jews to one of the most famous concentration camps in Poland, Auschwitz. (www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org)

In 1950, after WWII ended, but beginning the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, people began getting nervous about Soviet spies and communism spreading. Senator Joe McCarthy, famous for accusing people of being spies, accused an ex- State Department adviser, Owen Lattimore, of being a spy.

In the prelude to the Vietnam War, today in 1953 President Eisenhower offers support to the French, who were fighting the war in Indochina. It will not be long afterwards before the French is replaced with American troops. The Vietnam War will not end until nearly 20 years later. Also in 1953, and on a much happier note, the polio vaccine is developed.

In 1979, the Camp David Treaty is signed between Israel and Egypt. This treaty would call for peace between the two countries. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and U.S. President Jimmy Carter are there to sign.

And who gets cake today?

Robert Frost (poet), Joseph Campbell (writer), Tennessee Williams (dramatist), William Westmoreland (U.S. General in Vietnam War), Sandra Day O’Connor (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), Diana Ross (singer), Keira Knightley (actress), Steven Tyler (singer), Kenny Chesney (singer), Martin Short (actor), Guccio Gucci (fashion designer).



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