What Happened on March 25th?

During my time at FSU, a favorite professor of mine would start her classes with informing us on what happened in history on that day. I always found it interesting to put things in perspective that way, and to learn odd things that I don’t know (but could help me if I played trivia!) So, I’m going to borrow her tradition and do that myself. I will try to do every day, but with a busy schedule…I’ll do my best!

So what happened exactly on March 25th in history?

In 708,  Constantine became Catholic Pope, on of the last from the Byzantine Empire.

In 1634, Maryland was founded as a Catholic colony. Lord Baltimore (George Calvert) was officially granted the rights to the Maryland region. He named it after the queen consort, Henrietta MariaHowever, Calvert died before settling, so his son took over. Maryland was offered up as a Catholic colony. (www.history.com)

Speaking of Maryland, in 1655 the Puritans jail Governor Stone after they triumphed against the Catholics in Maryland at the Battle of Severn. The struggle between these two religious groups split England in half. The battle, taken place at Horn Point, MD took left than half an hour. 19 were killed in battle, and 4 Catholics were executed. (www.anthropology.si.edu)

In 1807, the British Parliament abolishes the slave trade, for all the good that helped. It banned slave trade in the British colonies, and it was illegal to carry slaves in British ships. Notice, the focus on slave trade….not slavery itself. (abolition.e2bn.org)

In 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City caught fire. The factory was a sweatshop located in the top three floors of a ten story building. The building was horribly built, and it was a disaster waiting to happen. One elevator was able to carry less than 15 people, and the two stairwells that could have been used were not options; one was locked from the outside, and the other opened inward. Can you imagine what it was like trying to get out? About 145 workers, majority who were women, died. (www.history.com)

If you paid attention to the news today, or even on the topics trending area on Facebook, you would notice members of the European Nations met in Rome to celebrate the European Common Market Treaty that was signed on this day, 60 years ago. It created a common market and customs union of European nations. (www.britannica.com)

In 1965, the revered Martin Luther King Jr led 25,000 people to the state capital in Montgomery, Alabama.

Who gets a piece of birthday cake today, you might ask?

Gutzon Borglum (sculptor of Mount Rushmore), Flannery O’Connor (novelist), Gloria Steinem (activist), Aretha Franklin (R-E-S-P-E-C-T…try to spell that without singing it), Danica Patrick (NASCAR driver), Katharine McPhee (American Idol singer), and for Star Trek fans….. in 2184 Pavel Andreivich Chekov will be born on this day.



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