Mental Health & Addiction

I mentioned in my first post about bipolar depression about how I’ve become addicted, or at least rely on, Benadryl to help me calm down. Many people rely on a variety of things…alcohol, drugs, exercising…some people go to a lot of lengths to help the side effects of having bipolar depression. Really, it isn’t reservedย only for those who suffer bipolar depression, but other mental health issues as well. People can become alcoholics because they can’t control their emotions, and alcohol can be a relief for those who want a break from their life. Drugs, as harmful (if not more harmful) as alcohol offer another way to get out of the struggles of dealing with mental health. It’s a quick way to worsen your problems, and let’s face it…neither of those things are really helpful when they cause more damage. And I’m not trying to be a hypocrite; I know my abuse of Benadryl isn’t the answer. I know it, but I still take it because I’m only human; I make mistakes, and sometimes the need for relief from my problems makes me go to any length i.e. cutting, Benadryl, even punching things.

I was recently introduced to a website with a lot of information regarding bipolar depression, and other mental health issues, and how people tend to abuse drugs and alcohol to deal with their issues. It is an extremely helpful and informative website for people who suffer from mental health issues, and those who want to better understand those issues. After reading over the article on bipolar depression, I learned a few things about it that I wasn’t aware of. I never realized there were different kinds of bipolar depression!

I highly recommend people to check out the website. It’s informative, and it gives a better understanding to what not only bipolar depression is, but other mental health issues as well.

Website: Drug Rehab atย

Take a look. Learn some things. And if you suffer from mental health issues, explore what options you have for treatment. There is help available in multiple places. Remember, you’re not alone.


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